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Thread: Infocus LP70+ keeps shutting down

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    if the shutter is fickering, does that mean that it is trash? or is there still hope? having trouble with the download. will try again, after this post. thanks.

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    I am having the exact same problem but I can't seem to download the fix .pdf

    Quote Originally Posted by Blacked View Post
    Here. Download the attachment and follow the guide if you still havn't done so.

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    Have same problem and would also like the pdf. Can you pm it to me or accept my post.

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    I'm having the same problem, my projector will run with no problems as long as there isn't a Video source plugged into it; once i plug the video source in it will normally shut down after only a minute or two. Can someone provide me some suggestions of what may be wrong? The color is good and everything looks great after i plug the video source in until it shuts off (1-2 mins). Thanks, BJ

    Quote Originally Posted by Roknrll View Post
    My lp70+ has a similar issue. It powers up OK and displayed a very nice clear background / menu system when NO input source is plugged in. I.E. everything works perfectly when no video source is plugged into the projector. As soon as I plug in ANY input signal (DVI or svideo), it flashed the correct imputed image for about 1 second and powers off with an orange LED on top. If I try to power it on with the video input hooked up the same happens. Any Help???

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    I think this may be a colour wheel issue. Can't remember where I saw this but remember someone having similar issues to what you are describing and replacing the colour wheel apparently fixed the problem. Is you colour wheel making squeaking noises? Does your picture judder before it shuts down or is it shutting down immediately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacked View Post
    Here. Download the attachment and follow the guide if you still havn't done so.

    Thank you for this attachment

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    I have the same problem with LP70+
    Can I be able to download the PDF please ?

    Thank you

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