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Thread: OHP, the original DIY Projector

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    OHP, the original DIY Projector

    Is it just me or do LumenLabs think that their DIY Projector is something that they come up with? I mean I remember back from the school days, OHP with LCD Panels hooked up to a video source. Now disassemble all those parts and put it in an wooden enclosure and replace the halogen light source with a Metal Halide lamp and you have the DIY Projector which LumenLab think it's their own design. The only difference really is the LCD sandwiched between 2 Fresnels and the light source. The idea is not original. Try saying something about this on their Forum, they'll chuck you out like they did with me 3 years back. O yeah, they don't want to hear anything that will hurt their sales of the DIY Projector Kit they used to sell.

    In my opinion the DIY Projector is just an OHP in a wooden enclosure.
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    You know, I never actually thought of it like this but now you've mentioned it, it is actually an OHP in a wooden box! Wow, can't believe I didn't figure this one out.

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    You are spot on my man. You could achieve the same effect by replacing the OHP bulb by retrofitting it with a Metal Halide or even Automotive Xenon setup if you are fed up with the short life of the halogen bulbs. The split fresnel design does not really makmuch of a noticeable difference. Lumenlabs, you have been figured out! XD

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    Yeah, there was a time when LumenLabs were selling their DIY Guide as part of their membership and the Kits. Those who knew were just using a cheap retrofitted OHP with a stripped out high reso LCD panel. I believe this was demonstrated in Tom's Hardware. Worked out much cheaper and far more reliable as you didn't have to worry much about heat.

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    I just came across this forum today,

    I am fairly new to this game but like building & repairing what i can, Just reached 30 post on Lumenlab after building my first LCD PJ.
    Have to say i havnt had any reason to find the lads on that forum bad eggs & have been quite helpful but i did feel from day one it does seem to be an exercise in building a following in order to sell parts for DIY PJ's but even at that i cant fault anyone, i admire the initiative.

    Anyway i will be interested in putting a few questions up & results here to get things off the ground & see what everyone else is doing also,


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    Is it really worth it in these day and age to have this big piece of ugly looking thing in the house and ruining the surrounding look? I think projectors are cheap enough these days, if not new at least used working ones go for around £100 GBP. Mind you, saying that, it may still be the cheapest solution to other countries.

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    The DIY projector is a lot more than an OHP. It takes a lot of engineering and design to come out with a fantastic piece of equipment. Its a shame Lumenlabs went bankrupt. They had a lot of useful information on their forums and many contributors. It is a shame that over the years, the DIY Projector community has shrunk. I have emailed Forum Master to see if they can somehow have the post transferred here so we can revive and start building this community up again. Fingers crossed.

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