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Thread: Panasonic BDT210 not Playing MKV Matroska Files (BDT110/BDT310)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmotech View Post
    The issues you lot are having sounds like a container issue. These Panasonics are not the best at playing back files and are very picky in what they play. However at playing Blu-Rays they are extremely fast at startup and faultless. I only found out about disabling header compression from Brandenborg. I discovered from trial and error that the way to play incompatible containers is to extract (demux) the content into 2 separate files (Video track and Audio track) and remux it again. You should be able to play all MP4 by muxing, demuxing and remuxing. All MKV can played by demuxing and remuxing. But you have to make sure to check disable header removal compression. You may want to add the subtitles files when you are remuxing as it cannot be added at a later time without having to demux and remux again. The easiest way to do this is by batch file however if you are more comfortable with the GUI then just use that. The MKV Tools doesn't come with the GUI version of MKVExtract so I've attached it for those in similar situation. You will still need MKV Tools in order to use the GUI version.
    I am new on this forum and am happy to see I wasn't losing my mind with this issue...

    I have tried Gizmotech's steps on one test file, I have to select the track and then select NONE under EXTRA OPTIONS, also I had to unplug and "reset" my BD210 as well, but it worked for that movie, now to try the rest...thanks...

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    I can confirm this method is also working on the DMP-BDT220. I have been pulling my hair out trying to play my MKV files on the player and was soon to give up before I stumbled across this thread. Fancy finding the solution on a projector forum! I have experimented with one video track, containing 3 audio tracks and two subtitle file in a MKV container and this also works without a problem. Just need to find out how to add chapters. Admin please sticky this thread.

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    Thanks for info... I have tried a few conversions and I am getting a few that will freeze. Audio continues but video will freeze up.
    Perhaps I am doing this procedure incorrectly?
    Move the MP4 file to mkverge
    It now shows an MPEG4 video file and a ACC audio file.
    I uncheck the aac audio file (leaving video checked) I then go to 'extra options' and select NONE (compression) and MUX and save file in a folder.
    I then do the same procedure for the acc audio file (select None? for compression) and MUX.
    I now have 2 files in my folder.
    I now drag these 2 files back to the mkverge program and I MUX them both together to create one video file? (it shows 4 total files actually. mpeg,tags for tracks ID,AAC, tags for tracks ID(should I select None again for the video file for compression)? Do I need to include these xtra TAG ID tracks?
    Thanks... I'll get this Panasonic BDT210 (215) playing these sooner or later.. :-)

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    You are doing it wrong. Open MKVMerge and go to file and then options. Then make sure 'Disable header removal compression for audio and video tracks by default' is checked. Then put your MP4 file to MKVMerge and check both video and ausio file and mux it so you get one MKV file. Now you need to separate the 2 files and mux it again. So you need to put the MKV file you created into another program called MKV Extract Gui (Gizmotech posted it), check the box for both files and hit the extract button. This will now give you one Video file and one Audio file. You now need to drag those two files in the MKVMerge program again (Not MKVExtract) making sure 'Disable header removal compression for audio and video tracks by default' is checked and just mux it. The outcome file should now play on your Panasonic Player. Obviously before you do that, you make sure previous files have been removed from MKVMerge.
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