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Thread: DIY Silver Screen

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    DIY Silver Screen

    Where can I purchase projector screen paint. I've just had a look at a silver screen and the paint finish is matt without ant silver bits in it. It looks more grey than anything - bit like the thing you scratch off scratch cards. The projector paints that I have come accross are white.

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    what's wrong with white?

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    I am use white before. The contrast not ok on white. Contrast ok on silver. I buy silver screen and movie good and black is coming black.

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    I'm thinking of trying metallic grey automotive paint if silver is too light and see how i comes out. I'll let you know of the outcome if and when I get round to doing it.

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    Light grey polyester/cotton mixed cloth? I havn't tried it myself but some China man has and reported the outcome to be really good. But then again every man has different standards.

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    Silver screen does not have metallic bits in it like automotive aerosol paint. It has this matt look greyish silvery effect - a bit like what you get on scratchcards.

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    Well I've enquired about Silver Screens to LumenArc and have been advised that there does not seem to be much interest in the product thus they don't stock it. I think this is the perfect chance to show interest so all of you who would like to get hold of professional Silver Screen material, Register and post your support here. I know I would be interested in the product but they are just too expensive everywhere I have looked.

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